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Deb Jones  cantante per matrimonio
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In church... simply divine! It thrilled everyone!
At the reception Debora and Alberto gave us a unique atmosphere right up to the DJ set where they really involved everyone, young and old, leaving us with an indelible memory of a fantastic day!

I would choose them a thousand more times!


A fairytale wedding
Absolutely the best voice I've ever heard.
Deb Jones sang for us in church, it was an indescribable emotion.
I recommend her not only for her professionalism, but also for the commitment, passion and feeling she puts into her work!

She managed to convey the emotion of the moment to everyone, especially us, and even the guests were surprised by the angelic voice she has.



Together with Alberto they were the best choice we could have made, two great artists but above all two real people with a very strong passion for music. They satisfied all our requests and made our wedding wonderful, with Debora's voice literally spine-chilling.

Elena e Gianluca

Debora and Alberto: a guarantee!

Debora and Alberto made our wedding day unforgettable with extreme professionalism, skill and lots of energy that they conveyed to both us and our guests. Super organization of times and spaces and also super DJ sets until late at night and last but not least, extreme refinement and elegance both in manners and presence.P.S. Debora's looks are truly the best!

Highly recommended!


Magical notes and emotions!

We chose Debora and Alberto because we had heard Debora perform years before, and she had already made an impression then! A powerful but delicate voice, she knows how to liven up the party and manage unexpected events. Together with Alberto they are a fantastic couple who also won over our guests!! We will never forget the magic of music in church.


Where to begin when reviewing the best wedding entertainment we've ever seen? Deb Jones was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. The music throughout the day was perfect, from the walk down the aisle to the aperitif, to grandma dancing the night away with all the guests. The saxophone was a fun addition to the signature and DJ that really took the entertainment to another level. We had a blast and the music was so good that our guests are still talking about it months later. If you want a good atmosphere for your wedding or event, do yourself a favor and book with them!

Tommaso e Giulia

A successful event!

Deb and Alberto were very helpful and attentive to our needs, both regarding the ceremony in the church and the party in the villa. Unique professionalism for an event with guaranteed success!


Thank you!


A certainty!

We entrusted ourselves to Debora and it was "love at first sight".
On the day of our wedding she was already busy and relied on other professionals who made our evening perfect. Absolutely recommended for her professionalism and availability, because, despite the change of date, she was able to find us the best solution ever.

Giada e David

A dream evening!

We were truly impressed by the skill and professionalism of Debora and Alberto. I don't think anyone else would have been able to meet all our needs so well. Available and super courteous, truly the best in this sector. You made our big day even more unforgettable.

Thanks again.

Lavinia e Marco

All perfect!

Our wedding was a great party, all the guests were already on track after the first course. Debora was professional and super helpful, as well as a person with a heart of gold. Unfortunately she was unable to be physically present, but she organized everything down to the smallest detail and her collaborators were exceptional! We continue to receive compliments from all guests! Thanks to all guys, it was truly a pleasure.


Perfect wedding thanks to you too!
Their simplicity and friendliness win you over at first glance...But the magic is as soon as they turn on their talent to the maximum of their professionalism! You are emotion together, you are the perfect companions, to make your day even more complete... Well done!


I chose Deb Jones for the ceremony moment
(violin) and for the moment of the celebratory lunch, truly professional, magnificent voice, perfect music, from the classics of the past to the most modern songs, we all sang and danced throughout the lunch, we couldn't choose a better artist for our day ! I recommend to everyone!



This singer was recommended to us by the location where we decided to
celebrate our wedding, and as soon as we heard some video no
we had doubts... we wanted them...
Deb, together with Alberto and the violinist, pampered us and entertained us
late night ceremony...
Very good, beautiful and very nice...
To celebrate our wedding we couldn't ask for anything better...
thank you, you are fantastic!!!

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